I recovered to some range because I forgot

If I recollect the things happened to me it would have been worse, but I forget.

Even the things I learn in manic or any other state than stable mind. I forget.

So the thing is, to learn and work , must be in a stable mind.

It’s so difficult to be stable.

How to attain stable mind. ?

Does Peace correlates to Stable mind ?

I think stable mind comes from repetition of patterns of behavior
Like you are what you eat


Point noted,

Wow so many thoughts rushing in,
Such as

Atomic habits

True we are what we eat, sound like homeopathy and ayurveda.

I just asked GPT 4 for the difference.

Homeopathy, allopathy, and ayurveda are three different systems of medicine that have different origins, philosophies, principles, and practices. Here are some of the main differences between them:

  • Homeopathy is based on the principle of “like cures like”, which means that a substance that causes certain symptoms in a healthy person can cure the same symptoms in a sick person. Homeopathy uses highly diluted natural substances, such as plants, minerals, or animal products, to stimulate the body’s self-healing ability. [Homeopathy is generally safe and has no side effects, but it may take longer to show results and may not be effective for serious or life-threatening diseases]

  • Allopathy is the conventional system of medicine that uses synthetic drugs or surgery to treat diseases. Allopathy is based on the principle of “opposite cures opposite”, which means that a substance that produces an opposite effect to the symptoms of a disease can cure it. Allopathy is effective for acute and emergency conditions, but it may have side effects, interactions, or complications. [Allopathy may also not address the root cause of the disease or the holistic well-being of the person]

  • Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that originated in India and focuses on achieving balance and harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda is based on the principle of “tridosha”, which means that there are three fundamental energies or forces (vata, pitta, and kapha) that govern the functions of the body and mind. Ayurveda uses natural remedies, such as herbs, minerals, oils, massages, diet, and lifestyle changes, to restore the balance of the doshas and prevent or cure diseases. [Ayurveda is effective for chronic and lifestyle diseases, but it may require a long-term commitment and may not be suitable for everyone]

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