I recommend getting a behavorial therapist

It is because you are accountable to her. That motivates you when you have to do chores. So it is easier. She made a contract with me, that if I don’t do my chores she is going to get paid even if I don’t work with her. The contract lasts six weeks, so my father has to pay her for six weeks if I don’t do my chores. The contract that I signed also motivates me to get chores done. So it makes it easier to do chores, because I have motivation.


Very cool. I didn’t realize therapist like that existed, they all seem to talk about it thought patterns and such. Seems like a more direct approach


I think that is great and worth a shot for some not all. It’s a cruel thing MI but some of us are self motivated. It’s not easy but I started with a desire for better health and now do like 20,000 steps a day etc. I still need to do more hobby stuff and starting to set aside time to do that too.

It’s great it’s working for you and I recommend you stay with it. I am sure it would help a lot of people here too if available.

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Just a heads y’all with the troublesome mindset. Ya’ll must know who you are.
I don’t need to be put in my place or ‘motivated’ of any such sort. If you could kindly stop stalking me, triangulating and causing trouble for me that would be awesome.
Just leave me f%$&* alone.
I’m doing 100% OK without the interfering.
Haters gonna hate but legit I deserve a SAFE world.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I’m not your fool.

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