I really wonder what the source of my illness is

I guess everyone does but I’m especially curious about my psychosis because it doesn’t really match the psychosis of sz but it doesn’t really match the psychosis of a mood disorder w psychotic features either because I get psychotic symptoms whether or not I’m depressed.

It doesn’t match sz because so long as I have routine, proper sleep and regular social interaction (and not an extreme amount of stress) it becomes very mild and in the background of my life, and I can function well without medication when this is the case.

It’s odd.

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I think the source of your illness is the source of everyone’s illness. Your mind is susceptible to experiencing some psychosis under the right conditions. The only difference is you have a little more functionality, and a little less vulnerability.

Why? The brain… That’s why. Just because.

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We know so little about the brain right now…that’s what I took away from my neuroscience degree, is that we know so little about the brain…how will things change as time passes I wonder?

Yeah, but to understand the brain completely you’d have to understand the soul. I look forward to the day science can do that on some level in a benevolent way.

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