I really want to piece my life together by next year but IDK if it will happen

So I applied for a FT job and supposedly they aim to get back to me by Friday. Eeek. Don’t really want to say what it is.

I also have a private health condition that requires like a year’s treatment, but can’t commence during covid restrictions.

Hope y’all well.

And I want to move out next year. Was meant to be this year but bloody covid is delaying everything.

Anyone got big plans for 2021?


No big plans. Just planning to take my meds and exercise more. Maybe start swimming. Continue to study psychology. I’ll probably have a disability review. So look for a job if that’s what they want. I’ll be all rights.

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That reminds me, if I’m ever girlfriend material, and if there ever is a suitable guy who likes me, I’d want a partner too. In the future. Whether that will happen, I don’t know.

@Jonathan2, swimming sounds nice :+1:

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