I really want to make some action to being grateful to people in my life

Gratitude is very important in my life,I do not really understand it and how to be grateful to people in my life,I really want to be a grateful person,how do I actually do it?what are things I should take note of?

I grateful most to my parent and psychiatrist,they helped me a lot

I am grateful to my grandmother/passed away grandfather and siblings,they really treat me well

I am also grateful to my aunties/uncle and family members,I do not have much friends so they are important to me

I am also grateful to my case manager,she is very wise,patient and supportive

Lastly,I am grateful to my nanny who took care of me when I am young and also my tuition teacher who taught me in primary school

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Just be friendly with them if you can, but don’t overdo it either.

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These psychiatrists, psych nurses, case managers are paid to be supportive and helpful, it is their job, but you may buy something nice to your friends, relatives and other people. Sometimes good words make people feel great and appreciated. Sometimes just that you tell people they have been great help, may make these people feel good.

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I will remember to be more friendly with people who are in my life and be grateful to them,thank you for your advice

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Pay them back with actions. You will help them by functioning to the best of your ability. Or if they need something that you can help them with; then do it. Personally, I house sit or watch their animals while they are away.