I really want to love someone,someone who understands and is like me

I just want to love someone else who is like me. But are different.how can i find him. I just want to find the one.i have met people in the past didnt do anything with them but i didnt feel a connection. Im scared im never going to feel that connection with someone.

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You’re looking for someone who also likes spamming discussion communiites?

Lol if he is like that too then why not. Im looking for “the one” i feel like he is out there. But for some reason or another. Our paths are blocked its weird

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When i say different. I mean like a different cultural back ground or even different looks i dunno just different

im scared ill never feel that connection with someone

You won’t find love coming from a place of fear. A good quote: “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

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Yeah but who will truly want someone so scarrd

What are you scared of?

@dreamlessdreamer Understand this. There are way more men who have schizophrenia than women who have schizophrenia. Also, the partners of women who have schizophrenia are usually and majority stable & normal men who have a steady income to support both. That said, it is easier for a schizophrenic woman to find a “normal” man than it is for a schizophrenic man to find a “normal” woman.

Besides, this forum is not the place to search for your “the one” as all of us forum members are scattered all around the world. Go to www.nolongerlonely.com and try your luck there.

All the best!

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Young lady, I think it isn’t bad to notice the weariness of a shoe. I think also, there is more to the soul than what some would call the window.

Not everything is a laughing matter all the time. You may notice specs of dirt that glitter beneathe the sole.

A quick story? I met a young man called Quan and spoke through a keyboard with a lady called Liu, one in college, the other in a school, a shoe academy. Many times an aptitude test indicates ones willingness to comply and not the motivation to compromise. Complacency is for the weak and so the meek shall be strong.

Oh and Quan is the ■■■■ (in a good way) and Liu did not know how beautiful she was, I wonder if they do now.

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