I really want to live in a caravan I’m honestly sorry for the length of the post

I’ve been camping three times in the last month… I just never want to leave the countryside and the beauty of doing simple life… just cooking, just exercising, just sleeping under the stars or with the sound of rain I just want to live in a field.
Perhaps it would get old quickly in winter, being cold wiping down all the windows in the mornings, I just want to do it.
I’m not young I’m almost 47
Living in a caravan has always been something that my mum is crazy about not happening.
Finding food, finding shelter, finding warmth -is really all that matters to me.
I want to sell my £7000 car That my husband bought for me and a mortgaged with central heating Hot water and a full fridge
I would like him to come with me but I know it’s a life he could manage and work
To be clear I don’t want to leave him
He will sometime give up work… I’m a trust fund baby and he really has no worries.
I’m fed up of spending six hours in the kitchen because I’m so bored although simple cooking is one of my most favourite things to do just being at home and he doesn’t want to leave the place / go anywhere
I say I want to walk a mile 1 way and back and he really just doesn’t want to, so I’m planning to get to know more people as quickly as I can so I can go out with and do things with had enough of the kitchen.
Reason I say this is that my new but life long friendship - she just moved to Scotland coast
I’ve not had enough of making wonderful food, but my Plant-based diet doesn’t go with his meat and dairy heavy junk food diet if he could I worked my socks off for years to make him nice stuff,
but He’s not grateful And would rather have a ready meal than a crunchy vegetable
I’m going to take him to this wild camping space I just covered with a friend with my sister


I’ve never tried living in a caravan, but it sounds like it would be more peaceful than city living for you.

You said you’re not sure if your husband can give up his life for your dream.
I would try a week or two, of both of you, living in the caravan; then, if it works, try more time.

I don’t want to be the one to tell you what to do; but, good luck to you.

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Its delusional.


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