I REALLY want to believe

OK, it didn’t destroy me. Am I really stronger? Did I learn something from it? Will next time be better?

Believe what? 1515

That what doesn’t destroy you, only makes you stronger.

I’ve got one you might relate to.

I was talking to my therapist (I had been suicidal for a while) and he said that I shouldn’t do it, that he felt like I had a strong purpose in my life. That felt pretty good until the question popped in my head ‘do you believe everyone has a purpose in life?’

Asking a therapist if they believe you have a purpose in life is like asking if a clairvoyant if they believe in spirits. -.-
I guess they do it because they do believe that though. I’m not trying to get down on the guy, he’s really nice. My brain just destroys beautiful thoughts.

It works for muscles though. When you work a muscle it gets little tears in it and when you rest it the tears heal up and it gets stronger. I’m not sure this next one will be considered stronger but when they’re planting roses they plant tough, hardy rose plants first. When those take root they chop them off and graft the prettier, more delicate flowers onto the roots and let them grow there. So the plant was born all rough and tumble and now it’s more beautiful.
Also, if a germ is exposed to antibiotics and it doesn’t die it breeds more resistant strains of the bacteria.

I don’t know if every therapist believes that everybody has a purpose. It sounds like something they would believe in.

I believe this came from Nietzsche. It can also be seen as an exhortation.

Also, Nietzsche said that we couldn’t learn life’s lessons in a lifetime that lasted less than 800 years so it might take like 750 years to overcome the effects of what didn’t destroy you.

@darksith, how old did you say you were?? :wink:

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850 and… a half… ’ sith ’ years old… :imp:
take care :alien:

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I suppose, realistically, if we are being scientific we can learn from failure. But what do we do to improve? Answer that, and you will, my young pataewan.

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@77nick77 It always sounds like you are struggling with reality lately? Have you told your pdoc about you thinking loud sounds are made to make you mad? I really think you should tell them that.


In fact, I did believe that for a while. Then I did enough MBCT of various kinds (including that 10 StEP stuff) to observe to notice to recognize to acknowledge that it was what I did about what didn’t destroy me that made me stronger, NOT the mere experience of being in the panic-stricken “terror tunnel” for 32 months.

@77nick77,i don’t know how your doing but I believe you will ultimately make it and have the life you always wanted to have

I think that how you phrase it is the way it was intended in the first place, but even then I’m not sure. I got rid of my first-episode delusions and accompanying distress singlehandedly but I relapsed nonetheless. And if I hadn’t called in for meds on time I’m not so sure whether it would have been an easier episode. That being said, one could say that having called in for meds on time is what I’ve gotten out of the previous one.

You’re a strong guy @77nick77 , you’ve been through a lot.

Nah… Its an interesting statement by a philosopher a long time ago, but lots of things can harm you when you’re young and make you weaker.

Here is the research - one of very many studies:


MRI studies have shown that exposure to trauma at an early age can result in several neurostructural changes, such as the reduction of the hippocampus and corpus callosum. Cognitive performance and functioning are also altered in this population. Finally, childhood stress is related to an increased risk of developing Mental Disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and substance abuse.

I am a strong believer in getting up after being knocked down, rolling with the punches, and fighting the daily fight for your sanity and well being. You don’t get stronger by having the least resistance.

I don’t know if it made me stronger…

I’d like to think it made me wiser so I could not make that mistake again…