I really opened up to my friend yesterday

My friend is gay, I asked him when he realized he was gay…he said when he was 15…but didn’t come out till he was 23. I also asked if he wished he was ever straight…I said “sorry if that’s an offensive question” he said “its not offensive” but he didn’t end up answering it. Then I told him “The only time I ever questioned my sexuality was I used to watch transsexual porn from 24-26 years old and I was questioning myself a little, but then I realized I’m straight and I would never do anything sexual with anyone born a man” just how I’m wired but questioning myself have given me more empathy for gay people…rather than the opposite of going into denial mode and becoming bigoted.

I told him that all. I was being very open. And I am to you guys right now too. But it felt really good to say.

I said “I think most people question their sexuality at one point in life” and he said “yeah theyre not willing to admit it though” and I said “well I just did!!!” and he said “true”

Its cool having a gay friend, I have never had one before, and hes fairly masculine for a gay guy so hes one of the boys to me, but its really opened my perspective to the world a bit. Keep growing and growing. Got to.


I have a gay brother. it’s very fortunate. I was always open minded anyway.

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