I really live in a fantasy world...not paying much attention to the world

lots of things going on…gun violence, extreme politics, world climate crisis. it all really doesn’t matter as long as I have my spotify and a roof over my head…it doesn’t bother me…it could if I let it…but I won’t let it.


A rock and roll fantasy by the Kinks is a favorite song of mine.

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I don’t have a lot of cares. Once I cancel cable I’ll have enough $'s for food. I have no dependents, which is sad though. I’m getting into my PJs in fifteen minutes, five o’clock. I have deep depression that comes and goes. I am about to lose a few teeth but I have dental insurance. I am lonely though most of the time. And I’m trying to get reconciled to an inner demon. I made the decision to not commit suicide. I can’t let that S.O.B. beat me!


I used to be really concerned about the state of the world before my diagnosis. I made a conscious decision to let others worry about that now.


Yes! That’s exactly right! I’m so glad you came to that decision and attitude!

I feel so torn about this right now…

On the one hand listening to music in my spare time feels irresponsible…

But it all seems so far gone that it’s like… “Let it burn…”. And my heart almost lights up with that… almost internally too. Like my soul just pulsates so intensely…

Almost makes you want to break…

But I do feel like I can do something. Even if it’s just small things here and there.

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Well, I was reeling this over in my mind a bit last night and I thought, this is ridiculous…

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying music in my spare time. Music even helps me remain more centered and focused than otherwise.

The problem is with society’s perception more than me.

And when I thought about it before anyway… the people doing the least are doing the most for the planet right now.

There’s a lot of things that are irking the living crap out me though in how our society is treating people and how they fail to see truth of things and how it fails to create any positive change.

Still reeling over mental health stigma too… that’s a big issue that’s still unfortunately something that doesn’t seem has changed much.

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I have 2 newspaper subscriptions. 1 to a financial newspaper and 1 to a regular one.

That way I always stay informed of the state of the country and the world.

I’m a news junkie.

Yeah i let other people worry about world problems. I got enough of my own