I really feel like a waxy crocoach on my AP

So, I can’t focus my eyes. I cannot move. I have psychomotor problems. Low energy and lethargy as those drugs disrupts my energy production process called metabolism. Freezing stillness, I can’t think and memorize and attend to details in the environment. Actually my working memory drops to the level I can’t register two/three words in serial. I lost my normal emotions too and feel weak or fearful or weary easily. You get paranoid and can’t think straight. You can’t trust your sensation anymore. You feel numb on the limbs and have stingly odd tactile hallucinations. I am weaker than a sterilized crocoach in the advertisement of johnson. And my fingers and my foots tremor and twitch like the crocoach in his last shoot!

They are not cognitive symptoms. Not negative symptoms either. They are the things people want to do to the cockroach and rats so that they can be so easily catched and killed. Some crocoaches just lay there, some run like hyper non-stop.

They are the effects of CNS depressant, the toxic halogens. You will find out a lot if you search for when the human race began to use toxic halogens like bromine and fluorine on human… and insecticde/ pesticide. They put them in prison for the prisoners to drink so that they get dull. They use them in the nazi camp. I have not started my research yet. And then they add it to water and food for no reasons sensible to us. And then drugs.

They say schizophrenia is an insidious disease. The effect of poisoning in insidious. The first psychotic break is instilled by the toxic halogens.

Actually Chlorine is horrible too. I’ll look into that next thing.

For me, the idea of being shunned like a cockroach came from the book “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka. I felt like I went from a functioning human to a vile insect over night, and because my emotions were stripped away from me, and something had to be very intense for me to feel it, I felt covered in wax. I could stick myself with a very real pin and I wouldn’t feel it.

The way I thought about life, and the way I lived life during that time was as dark and low as I got. I’m so glad to be out of that period of my life.

The Chlorine thing is a bit scary because that is one of the main ingredients in swimming pool water. I love to swim.

I read some pool use bromine / fluorine.

I was often thinking about you when I read about the halogens. Sign.

Here in our state, I haven’t come across a bromine pool.

We’re mostly chlorine and U.V. light. There are a lot of technologies that are being developed to try and get the chlorine out of the pools. There are many pools in canada that have tried Ozone to clean the water. But the disposed chemical left behind is killer, so that is phasing out already.

The Ultraviolet / Chlorine combo is being looked at more seriously. It works well when you add rapid sand filters. Those old Diatomaceous Earth, pit filters are horrid. All the rage back in the 70’s.

Some of our outdoor pools that are salt water pools have straight chlorine for their sanitizing. Outdoor pools being more exposed, are more at risk so they need more chlorine.

J u are a genius. I tried to look at the food label but I think it would be impossible for me to decide if they put in bromine / fluorine by that.

BTW, they checked there is bromine in some brands of energy drink. bromine is in flour and bread. Chlorine is in the white food like fine sugar, fine salt, white rice/flour. They bleach.

Chlorine is in abilify and fluorine is in Prozac. I havent check for the chemical compound of your drugs yet. I took those medicine and became a waxy crocoach.

If I get myself tested seriously, I could be diagnosed ADD, autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia, severe memory problems, and dementia at the same time.

@SurprisedJ Actually they have been researching using iodine on swimming pool instead of chlorine. And they sell toothpaste with iodide but not fluoride now.

I also find a product it’s a small iodine pill u can put into into any water to purify it.

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Thank you for that, I don’t feel like a genius, I just feel like a guy who knows how to clean a swimming pool.

I REALLY like pool vacuuming. It’s so peaceful and the pool is so clean and pretty afterwards. I’d be interested to see how iodine will be used to clean a pool. New ideas are coming up every year with pool science. As more people use pools for therapy and muscle rehab, more pools are being built. It’s not just for swim team any more.

The bleach in flour and stuff I did know about, my sis tries to stay clear. But it’s in so much.

I like your theory. I’ll keep reading and trying to get my head around it. I’m glad I don’t drink energy drinks. I’ll stick with coffee. Sugary stuff makes my teeth hurt and it feels weird on my tongue. I like crunchy salty stuff more then sweet stuff.

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