I really enjoy losing myself

I lost myself and went thru the flow at clubbing last month

I also lost myself two days ago when I went into the flow while talking to one of my friends,he is a great guy

I really like these and hope I experience losing myself more in different events…

Have you went through the flow and lost yourself recently?


I wouldn’t fit entering the door to a club. :smile:


Hahaha (15char)

I left my GPS in my backseat when I had my car washed and it got stolen. Now I’m lost all the time.

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I love to lose myself to dancing it’s the best takes all the edge off too you are young gte I can’t do clubs anymore but typically bounce off the walls in my house.

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I loose myself when I’m sitting on my surf board or rowboat… out in the middle of the water… far enough off shore I no longer hear the traffic.

the sound of the water and the seabirds… the bark of the seals… and just the fact that the ocean doesn’t care about time or pace.


I have a poor memory very very poor, worst of its kind I lose myself every moment as there is no memory

no memory and no structured life, it’s like imaginary house no delusion-house

So losing oneself means enjoying the moment and I had moments when I was a teenager mostly enjoying jokes and television and two games only 1. Shadowflare 2. Age of Empires also third 3. Age of Mythology