I really enjoy groundhog's day!

it’s one of my favorite holidays because it predicts spring and also i hope the movie ‘groundhogs day’ will be on tv this year, it’s one of my favorites. it seems that the groundhog has been more accurate the last few years then the farmer’s almanac haha.

anybody else like groundhog’s day?

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Bill Murray is a legend. It’s a great film. I probably wouldn’t have a clue about the holiday, if I hadn’t seen the film though!

Do you have any special holiday food for groundhog day? :thinking:

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no i don’t do anything special other than check what the groundhog predicted, and to watch the movie. i will probably just treat myself to a veggie pizza this year. the holiday gives me optimism because it means to me, that spring will soon be here.


That sounds good! Also sharing in that optimism with you. There’s a lot to look forward to. It will be nice to have more daylight and spring flowers.

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Yeah, we get a cake and set off fireworks and buy a Groundhog Day tree. We usually don’t open presents until the evening. In the afternoon we go to church and say special prayers and the pastor usually gives an hour long sermon on Groundhog history. It’s my favorite holiday I wish it came more than just once a year.



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