I really don't want to work/volunteer

I’m 61, on disability, and have five and a half years to go before I can draw retirement Social Security. In three and a half years I can draw my pension from the bank I worked for when I was a young man.

With my arthritis, it’s really difficult to get out and do things. Back when I had a car, I was volunteering with AA one or two days a week. My volunteer work stopped with Covid19.

Before my arthritis kicked in in the last year or two, I wasn’t really able to keep a job, though I tried.

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Until my Mom died in 2018, I was the only one here to visit her and buy things for her. She went into the nursing home in 2010. My job was caring for her. My AA amends was to be a good son for her.

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I’m just old and worn-out trying to survive.

You’re not old and worn out. I know not having transportation might damper it but see where you can volunteer using public transportation. You might find a new opportunity.

Unless of course you really don’t want to.


Thanks Sunlion.

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