I really don't know if what I'm experiencing is schizophrenia

It isn’t real, you just need a med change. If you are perfectly honest with a pdoc, they’d adjust your meds.


You just need to try a new med then. You could be treatment resistant as well.


I will take you guys word for it. I talk to my nurse tomorrow.


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@sleepoptimistic stop spamming threads.

I’ve been taking medication for about 10 years. I’m still delusional most of the time.

As Kurt Cobain Says, ‘All Apologies’. But I Would Like to Share With Yuu The Reason I Am Doing What it is, I Am Doing.

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I Am Trying to Liven Up The Conversation. Enlighten, Inspire. Give Hope. And Pure, Honest Desire. To Look Upwards Towards The Clear, Blue Horizon.

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Thank Yuu in Advance For Your Well Thought Out Reply, as to Why, You Would Hide Any of My Posts. Any of Them. Since The First Day I Have Posted Here.

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Would the president and the government allow for me to be broadcasted all over the country? This is so scary. I feel that at any moment i can get hurt. This is not a good way of life. I cant find a camera anywhere. But everywhere I go people are talking about me and the tv and youtube are talking about me. Someone help me please.

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People talking about you are hallucinations and ideas of reference. Don’t fret no one is watching you.

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You seem to be talking more and more about people potentially coming to hurt you. You need a med adjustment. Get in to see your doctor ASAP.

It’s hard to believe there is a camera implanted in me that I cant see. People are watching me somehow. Like i continue saying, there are people talking about me everywhere i go. How can these people see me? And how are there small cameras that can hear my thoughts and see my surroundings. This is too much.

None of what you believe is true. Any people talking about you is hallucinations.

Why haven’t you told your pdoc that your med is not helping yet?


Well I told my nurse practitioner and I don’t think she knows much about medicine.

I feel sorry for you. I used to believe my watch was bugged by the intelligence services and used it as a microphone to give “them” updates on my situation. Couldn’t be more ridiculous. This is schizophrenia. I largely believe people start acting “loopy” in such a way due to the medication and its reaction to the brain. As it’s clear that you are on medication yet still have these delusions. Maybe stop watching television for a while and just learn some new games, like Chess for instance. I learnt how to play Chess and when I find the time I play it on Chess websites or using apps.

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People talking about her aren’t necessarily hallucinations. Sometimes people with paranoia can extract meaning out of existing words and somehow direct such comments towards themselves.


Thankyou. I really hope it’s just a delusion because it’s uncomfortable to believe my privacy is invaded and that people are watching me. It’s not cool.

Right. Its not cool. I feel the same way about people when I’m delusional.

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I believe that everyone is trying to keep me in the dark and I believe the country and you guys are playing a cruel joke on me and waiting on me to die. Can someone please just tell me the truth are there cameras on me?

It’s hard to believe this is a delusion. I really believe the country is watching me. I’m entitled to my privacy. I just cant find this camera. Its like I’m in the middle of a cruel joke.

No cameras.

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