I really am not what I seem

I seem withdrawn, dissociated, uninterested, uncaring but really I’m not. I’ve been traumatized and wish I could show everyone that I care about them but I can’t.


You’ll get there, in time. It just takes a while to heal from trauma. Lots of time and therapy.



you are fine, and funny sometimes too.



It’s not always easy to express outwardly what you feel inside. I find it hard to tell people what they mean to me, or express empathy, especially face to face. I’m not into touching or hugging people either. I feel for people, it’s in there, but it’s stuck inside, I find it very awkward and don’t know how to react when someone is upset. I think I can come across as rather hard, I tend to think of practical solutions rather than respond with emotion, even though I wish I could.

Sometimes I write little messages or cards to people just saying ‘thinking of you’, it’s easier for me to say things in writing. Are you thinking of a particular person? I would hope that the important people in my life, and in yours, would understand that we feel much more than we show.

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