I realize my life sucks. how do i make it better

I the same boring routine, nothing new. Feeling really negative. having bad thoughts. how do i make my life more interesting. I really hate my mental illness. and im still fat, losing weight on aps is hard it takes a huge toll on my self esteem.


You could try new things, new hobbies and activities and see if you find something that you like.


like what 1515151515

We can’t tell you what hobby you will like. You need to look up things you are interested in and decide for yourself.


idk what new hobbies i can do, theres snow here so i cant jog. maybe read a book maybe.


Walk in the snow.


Watch science documentaries.

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okay ill go the library find a book a like thanks.

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Do you have a library card? If so, you can get digital books. The library systems have an app called Libby where you enter your library card number. Then you enter a pin which is the last 4 of your phone number you got your library card with.

You can borrow a lot of ebooks!

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i lost it, i need a new one. I used go to library alot. but i stop idk why. ebooks cool, i see if my library has that. thanks.


No problem. Your library will be happy to give you a new card. Ask them about Libby and Overdrive.

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Full disclosure, I am a librarian out to recruit users, mwahahaha.


okay i will thanks.

Go for a walk. I can’t jog because of my heart condition, but I can walk up the side of a mountain in the kind of cold that most stay inside to hide from. It was fun.

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Four hour hike. Made it about halfway up, but my wife had to tap out as her legs gave out and she didn’t wear her crampons like I had suggested. Made the steep grades dangerous for her, and I had to help her a lot on the way down.


Exercise. Volunteer. Work. Sleep. Repeat.

If you’re starting from a base of nothing, you can put all your energy and time into something that means a lot to you.

Rotting in bed isn’t going to help you

Breaking that cycle requires a drive and mentality that does not accept defeat.

Try and find anything you can.


Exactly that. As Yoda said, “do or do not, there is no try.”


alright thanks guys, i just feeling down today. i having those days.

I take issue with mental health professionals trying to keep people in their little boxes so they’re less of a problem by just paying them off with pension and benefits.

Make them work for you to be able to work towards a better life for yourself.

I see them treat people like a car that should be scrapped, but in truth you can defy their expectations and prove to yourself that you mean something, and that any mental illness you can stick your fingers up at and give it your best shot.


those are nice pics =)


don’t push anything, start slow on anything.

if it feels like a chore, your heart isn’t in it.