I realize I am poor, but am also the richest man in the world

listen to music, my mind wondered into a delusion i had in 2014. For so long I’ve seeked to make sense to this madness, but because of that 2014 delusion, i realized their is no sense to be made - only trust to be given. trust in the realization a delusion is a delusion and a hallucination is a hallucination, and nothing more in the form of understanding should be added to it.

Basically my mind just snapped, i couldn’t speak clear - by that i mean i felt like i was speaking something, but my mouth would say something different. I kept quiet after i realized it (2014 delusion) . Shortly after resting and feeling speech normal again, i received a phone call from a realtor i hired, i was halfway listening to the realtor when someone completely different continued speaking as though it was him and not the realtor who was speaking . i just hang up the phone (guy who spoke like he was the realtor was some hotel worker i sent to buy me stuff). After hanging up, I received another phone call, only this time it was an old friend, voice thing also happened - he was talking then it switched to someone completely different - only this time i continued listening, and i could swear the guy talking believed it was him who called, only issue the number on the phone wasn’t his.

It never happened again (none of the phone subjects near each other or knew of the relation i had with the other subjects) basically they were all strangers to each other.

Makes me wonder, maybe there is a reason to the saying ‘‘lean not to your own understanding…’’

That’s in the Bible

yea, and i also got another dream showing the lottery numbers and 4 of the numbers i saw in my dream showed up. i had another lottery numbers dream a week prior and 3 of the numbers won

basically i can get rich by just sleeping :thinking::thinking::ear:

shhhh!, they hunt christians… never mention ‘’ bible’’ on forum


Wealth is not measured in money but in loving relationships
I’d rather be poor and have a supportive network around me than rich and alone.

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