I realised something

I haven’t got one person on my side. Everybody is conspiring against me. I told my community nurse this, that my pdoc is conspiring against me and he said why would he be interested in me? I have been awake all night thinking about this over and over in my head. The reason he is interested in me and targeting me / doing psychological warfare on me / gaslighting me - is because I haven’t got any got anybody to support me or look out for me, I’m an easy target. You know they did the same to Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber, the psychological warfare that is. This does make sense now… Dose this make sense to you?

It’s sz and paranoid thought. Paranoia is so seductive. It rules your life and makes you make decisions that are compromised. Sure. People may be against you but not all. That is important to remember.

Since meds I live a pretty good life. Before I was smart but paranoid. I had a lot of excuses and a lot of issues…after meds…not so much.

Paranoia can be so insidious. It rules your life on a basic level. I’d say give meds a go and if no improvement after 3 months then try another. It really is worth a go.


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