I read something that made me feel hopeless

It was someone asking what the scariest delusion is and someone said cotards. Which is what I have.

What do you think ?

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I don’t understand how people can live in fear. It seems after awhile it would fade. I definitely feel for them.

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IDK. There are a lot of scary delusions. I’m not sure you can classify one particular type of delusion as scarier than the others. It all depends how that individual person handles that delusion IMO.


I wouldn’t get too worked up about it. That’s not going to help. Sometimes, the worst thing you can do is read too much on a topic. It gives you tunnel vision

What is true, is that you try your best and take your medication, overt time it improves. If you become paralyzed by fear of it, not so much

I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic just don’t want you to see you go down that road. I’m sorry you’re having troubles right now, I really do feel for you


One person’s opinion made you feel hopeless? It’s just one opinion. And Cotards can vary in severity levels. Just like any other symptom of any other illness.


I have capgras and this is pretty scary. I feel like most, though not all, people around me died and were replaced by clones. People I know at least. That combined with my North Korea delusion is super hard to deal with.

I wouldn’t feel hopeless by one comment. Though it’s easy to get fixated.


That sounds thrilling to be the leader of NK. You can end state hunger and open up.

Only they want to use me to assassinate people. They want to plot me in places as my appearance as NK dictator serves as verification to assassinate. Even though I basically made this part up to try to figure out the worst thing they could do to me. So I don’t know if it’s true.

Then spin it and make it positive. We all have free dome to control our minds. At the very least we can control the perception.

How can I make it positive if in this scenario it’s written down that the presence of the dictator serves as verification to assassinate?

I don’t think there is a worse hallucination or delusion but I think its the worst when the individual becomes a danger to himself or to others.


Yes I became a danger to myself because I thought I had to kill myself to stop the NK thing from happening.

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That was my first thought. How do YOU feel about your delusion. If it you don’t feel scared then it’s not “the scariest” for you. I looked up cotard because I didn’t know what that was and it doesn’t sound scary, just another delusion someone might have, but that’s just based on the little bit I read.

When I was delusional I thought I was being mind controlled and that was pretty scary because I felt I had no control over my own mind when I was having all these psychotic experiences.

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I love you @Froge so please feel better soon!

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There is a lot of things we can read that will make us feel hopeless.

Solution is to avoid reading to many of those things to reduce the feeling.


I used to have a cotards delusion. I overcame it by realizing if I was really in hell I wouldn’t be able to talk to my family and I wouldn’t have a beautiful cat who loves on me everyday. :blush:

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I’m also prone to nihilistic beliefs, but Cotards sort of comes with the territory: if you don’t feel all that alive it’s not much of a stretch to conclude that you might be dead.

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I also had Cotards briefly. I thought I died in the hospital. I thought when they were taking me on the gurney on a pathway that I was going through the tunnel of light that people go through when they die. Since I didn’t go to heaven I thought I was in hell and that everyone around me were demons.

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