I read four books at the same time....keeping me motivated

I read most of every book but skim through what I can’t finish before I return them to the library…most of them are literature classics so they are quite good…" dr. zhivago" is one…“gone with the wind” and “moby dick” and an obscure book “black rose”…excited !!


I bought a book about american dream yesterday. Im gonna read it when i feel better.

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I found a place where I can read undisturbed. It’s the library. When i try to read at home I always get distracted.

I read most of the time two books at the same time. Yesterday I wanted to read but my vision was to blurry. I tried this morning and it was still bad vision. I have now five books to complete, lord of the rings and two thrillers. I’m curious about classics. I’ve seen some bundles on classics for 15 to 20 € of two to four books.

Even if I read, I’m having a hard time. I always need distraction.

I’m reading the prequel to the Davinci Code… I won’t put the name out there, because it might trigger someone. I can’t put it down!

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