I rather hope this way,but I cannot control

I hoped my wife would stay at home because she is pregnant and going somewhere else alone would risk dropping the baby if she split or fall down accidentally.But the truth is I cannot control her,even if I said don’t go,she will still go in the near future.I need to work so I can’t look after her the whole day,I am not selfish at all and I am open minded which might be good,or might be bad because if accident does happen

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The more freedom you give other,they want even more freedom.Just like a businessman makes a lot of money and feels happy,good he will want to make even more and probably never enough

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I think she has the right to go wherever she wants


So, I’m assuming you’re not as controlling as this post makes you seem.

My husband was the same way when I was pregnant. Always worried something would happen. He’s very protective. He never really said it out loud, though, because he knows I would just do things out of spite if he tried to control me like that.

Does she know your worries? Anxiety like that is best to be looked after now, because once the baby is here it’s only going to get worse.

We ended up installing security cameras inside our apartment so my husband could check in on us during the day because his anxiety was so bad.


Yea,I am not a controlling person in nature.I do have anxiety about something happen to the baby or her because I care about her,but that’s her choice,and if something happen it’s only herself to blame as I believe she knew I am not supportive of her to leave the house “alone”.She doesn’t have license to drive,so she Uber/grab her way to her friend house.I couldn’t drive her because I had to work,I offered her every Sunday night when I am off work to bring her anywhere but it’s her choice,I hope nothing happens and if something happen it’s her decision


Just remember it’s not her fault if something does happen.
She could slip and fall at home. She could miscarry in her sleep.

You can’t ask that she stays at home just because you worry. It’ll give her stress, and stress hormones are bad for the baby’s development.


I am so sad.I don’t know how to feel,because now there is covid,going out is more risky with the pandemic.We’ll see what happen

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Congratulations on the pregnancy!

Your wife is pregnant, not a paraplegic. She can look after herself. Have a little faith.

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@Gtx1990 your fear for her is admerable, but for a healthy relationship and child she needs activity and exrcise as well as vitamins, nutrition(foods) and much more. Good luck with being a parent your on the right path . just try to relax a bit and let her do what she feels comfortable dooing. it will improve her health, and love for you as well as help produce a happy and healthy baby :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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