I quit smoking cold turkey today wish me luck!

I’m 39. My lungs have felt irritated for the past month to the point I haven’t really been enjoying smoking.

Anyway reading about COPD has me worried I may have done some permanent damage to my lungs.

So I feel like I’ve been put into a corner with my smoking and I’ve decided to quit cold turkey.

The first day hasn’t been that bad, easier than I thought though I know I will have tougher days ahead.

Bring it on I say! I’m determined to quit!

Anybody else quit cold turkey?


I quit with the vape. It was easier than I thought. Never thought I’d quit the vape but one day I was just too lazy to go buy more and then it turned into 2 then 3 days. Now I’ve quit for about 2 months.

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the patch and the gum are both expensive

wish they were covered on Medicare/Medicaid

but I quit for 5 years on the gum

if you struggle, couldn’t you vape?

Good luck I quit today too!

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Good luck ! :sunny:

Tried vaping, felt like a second rate substitute. Same with the gum and the patch.

I feel the best way is to be nicotine free.


I’ve quit with the regular bubble gum too

the big ball kind, nice sugar rush

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Good luck on quitting. I’ve been vaping more so than smoking. Occasionally I have a few cigarettes with a cousin of mine. It’s tough to quit the cigarette but not impossible.

I successfully quit cold turkey years ago.
You can do this Man.

Make sure you drink plenty of water.


Good luck! At 39, it’s definitely time to quit.

I smoked for about 16 years and quit cold turkey when I couldn’t stand feeling like ■■■■ any longer.

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Good luck! You got this.

Hope you get there. I never could cold turkey but champix/ chantix was my savior. It worked so well I never even finished the course. A lifetime smoker and it was so frigging easy if you do it right!

Each to their own so good luck! Just don’t write off the chemical help if you need it!


I’ve never smoked but I’ve heard it’s harder to quit smoking than to quit coke

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I quit cold Turkey 5 years ago…

Best decision I ever ever made


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