I quit smoking 6months ago, is there a chance i might get lung cancer still

I quit for that reason, i dont want to get lung cancer, i started vaping. Im kind of paranoid.

You chances dramatically cut the more time goes. after about a year , you’re on the same chances of someone who’s never done it.

The healing takes time.

really just a year, thats good news thanks. I wish i never smoke.

You’re still young and stopped early. I don’t think lung cancer is an issue at that age.

How long did you smoke for?



good for you, thanks god i quit, it was hard.

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I smoke for 5 years. i smoke alot though omg i hope i dont get lung cancer in the future i dont want to die early, im going to pray to god.

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I smoked for 12 years. Mostly weed mixed with tobacco. and/ or up to 10 cigarettes a day.

Now I have been clean for 16 years. No tobacco will ever pass my lips again.

Fcking putrid stuff. I wish I’d never started too.

I detest the smell now.


wow good job, i dont why i started smoking. very bad habit, theres no benefits of smoking. so stupid of me. where not perfect though but we learn.

It is certainly far from ‘cool’ any more. Soon to be social pariahs and outcasts.

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yea your right, its not going to be cool anymore.

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