I.Q. that "sinks"

Yes I watch videos there

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I’m still certified, but not active. I am a Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). If you’re a 12-year-old who is terrified of string slap then I’m your guy. You’re probably more advanced than me, Fish!

Seriously though, you’re obviously not dumb. Personality disorder the size of Mt. Everest? I have a suspicion there, but you really need to stop calling yourself unintelligent. I am aware of your skill level with some difficult things and they are not things someone who is genuinely dumb would be able to pull off. Give yourself some credit here Sir Dude.

Do you think I have a personality disorder I’ve never been diagnosed idk why you think that I’m confused can you tell me why you think that

@shutterbug what personality disorder do you think I have I’m worried @shutterbug @shutterbug im as of now scared

  1. That would be for a real doctor to say.
  2. I am sure my PDs are worse than yours and I’m employable.
  3. Most people have one. Really. Don’t worry so much.
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Ok I thought you meant like BPD ASPD or that I was narcissistic or something I’m neither I’ve been tested many times by many psychiatrists

I got diagnosed in 1980 at age 19. I’ve been on AP’s for 43 years. I’m 63 and got my Associates degree last year while getting some good grades and some bad. I don’t know what all that proves but my brain still works.


Can you dm me please I wanna know everything you’ve noticed about me we can do it here or through dms I don’t care but isn’t sza not a personality disorder it’s a mental illness I might be blowing what you said out of proportion I don’t think you mean what it sounds like

I’ve heard many times before that everyone has a “unique” personality is that what you ment I’m very paranoid rn but yeah everyone is unique even people with personality disorders that are diagnosable

I know from working in medicine that alcoholics have smaller than usual brains on CT scans.


Oh no, not going there. Just see a therapist if you can. You’ve got HUGE anxiety issues and that’s a good place to start with them.

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Yeah i agree and im actually feeling better so its best we dont lol

Look at it this way: If you’re born dumb you’re going to die dumb. Intelligence is a mostly fixed value. You are NOT dumb! You’ve got some anxiety issues and stuff that can be treated and/or worked around. That’s good news, right? That your problems are ones you can manage and still enjoy good quality of life ?

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Yeah I did a few essays idk if you saw them ones on wild turkeys and another one is on wildebeest you might learn something idk I’m smart when it comes to animals very smart I did the wild turkey essay in 2 hours and the wildebeest about 4 hours and I think they turned out good

I think APs help and hurt “thinking” or “intelligence” which relate to “IQ”. I’ve had positive things from APs even at high doses. Only thing I disagree with the doctors with is less energy, less drive, slowed thinking, and absolutely zero motivation.

I think before SZ I was around 120-130 based on my own estimate, but now I’m like 110 or something. People might disagree with me.

I don’t qualify for mensa nor do I care anymore about it. I tend to score 120s on those online tests. I know calculus and calculus was easy for me compared to upper division maths like proving calculus or abstract algebra or logic etc. I guess for physics people, it would be like taking mechanics vs quantum mechanics…lower div req vs upper div requir. I just cannot remember or do stuff anymore it sucks. People think I can work, but I cannot or feel like I cannot.

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Algebra > geometry > trig >precal > calculus…that’s what I did…

I went to community college and you might benefit from online youtube videos if you still want to learn/care about it…

We don’t have precal in hs

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Nothing really stimulates me intellectually. It’s really hard for me to study. I also get frustrated and bored really easily.

I used to be able to focus on movies and videos games but have outgrown it. The same with music. It’s been a very long time since I found a tune being catchy or something I liked.

The meds really make it hard to enjoy anything.

I wish I was driven by my intellect. Some people keep their mind stimulated. I don’t.

I was scattered before my illness. But there were a few things I enjoyed. Not so much these days.

I hope my cracked brain heals so I can quit olanzapine, because it really zaps away my energy.


We all have a maximum achievable score . It’s not a score you get on a regular basis. People will differ as to how near to their maximum potential score they can get on an average day. All the practice in the World won’t result in you doing better than that maximum achievable score.