I put a toothbrush in every room

I have a hard time brushing my teeth like once Avery few weeks.

I started putting one in the downstairs bathroom so if I’m downstairs I might more likely brush.

Also when I’m doing dishes I just put one there.

I brush about 3 4 times a week since I started this.

If I don’t my teeth will be gone in a year and I don’t want to go to the dentist anymore. I have 4 brushes gonna brush right now

Big problem is I’m never in the bathroom enough to brush

Buy non flouride toothpaste so you can brush anywhere and just swallow the stuff instead of having to spit.

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Thnx good idea.

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you can also buy travel brush at the dollar store it has a lid and you can keep it in your pocket

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I carry a bag. I really can carry a toothbrush in my bag. I wear it all day in the house. Even better idea.


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How about putting a post-it note up on your bedroom door to remind you to brush your teeth? Or on the refrigerator or some other conspicuous place?
Do you have an iPhone? There’s an app called ‘reminders’ that you can use to remind you of things.
Or set your phones alarm to go off twice a day to remind you to brush your teeth.

That won’t work for me.

I won’t do it if I have to think and walk to it.

It’s been working cause I’m in the kitchen and a lot and I see my brush and start brushing.

My gums been bleeding which means it’s in bad condition.