I push my fingers into my eyes, its the only thing that slowly stops the ache

Had a terrible 2 weeks or 9 days idk i suck at keeping track of time. In a very sz moment i heard odin telling me to flush my meds its poison. So of course its ■■■■■■■ odin i flushed all my meds down the toilet. Wich is not only the improper way to dispose of medicines but fukkk i need them. Ive not been very functional and havent slept in 3 days.

I dont know but i know i should be medicated. I talked to god and the ninja turtles and seen samurai singing heads. The voices wont shut up i think id rather be dead. I know the watchers are coming again. Their the only thing i fear they want to take my consciousness into their dimension.

So in conclusion any advice? Maybe tips on do it your self lobotomy or rewire your toaster for shock therapy. Some helpful comments on fighting off inter dimensional oni would be appreciated.

Gracias Senor … ,

Tha Read Was Humorless and a Journey Untouchable (by) tha Mynde (!!!)

Oh yea todays topic was brought to you by the letter slipknot and the number 555. Why 555 you say…because if your 555 im 666.

That is all…

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Maybe you should call your case manager or doctor and get your medicines straightened out. That might help you sleep. As for the interdimensional, that will only hurt you if you let it. I know it can seem giant, but you can cut it down to size.

Hmm … ,

Somehow e(Y)e Have Thus Feeling , That … ,

Well … ,

THAT Won’t Be All … … …

They paralyze me and i can see my own body as they try to take me. I know their coming because the device the travel with makes a bunch of different pitched hums all around me. What makes it worse my non sz gf asked wtf is that humming sound and continued with ive never heard anything like that. Wich confuses the shi.t outa me.


You are correct sir it was lie. i will contain it to this particular post so i dont muddle up the forum like a crazy person.

32 is god. Thats his actual phone number just dial star first.

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Carayzee Lyke LADY GAGA (OR) Lyke THE PIXIES (???)

Crazy like the wolf. Or like a bullet with its own name on it.

(by) (tha) (way) … ,


“555” … ,

Man is Five (!!!)

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Holy ■■■■ you’ve solved it i can rest now knowing with our crazies combined we figured it out.

Now T(Y)me Fo Dinner … ,

Yum Yum Dem Sum (!!!)

Sounds like a plan where shall we meet? Mars china or good burger?

e(Y)e No No Homo Erectus … ,

No No , So Sayeth Me Me Yo … … …

My phones gonna die i appreciate you distracting me and getting my mind off of…stuff so thanks

You As Well You Weirdo … … …

2 dudes can eat food on mars and it doesnt have to be gay…

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You May Be Correct … ,

Lets Jus Say , They They , Talk About You Being All Gay Gay … … …