I purchased a timer safe to stop me spending/wasting money

So far it’s working pretty good. I can set timer for 5 days and it won’t open until it times down.

I have a problem with spending money especially on alcohol, I set myself say 4 cans then I always end up buying more, getting drunk then I have people asking me to lend them money or buy cigs for them which I always say yes. I am vulnerable like that. I made a point to lock my cards and bank card reader in safe so everybody is aware I can’t access my money. They’ve stopped asking. I also haven’t brought alcohol since Saturday.

I actually love it


Holy cow ! That’s the best thing I’ve seen in ages. Brilliant idea @bobbilly !

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thank you… I think so too.

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That is a great idea. Never saw that before. :goat::goat::goat:

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Awesome!!! 151515

That’s a very smart idea.

Can you buy these off Amazon?

That’s a very good idea.

I have this problem too when I had friends and we were doing drugs. I hate that I got exploited so badly, but that’s history since I have been alone but with trusted family

Good idea @bobbilly!

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