I promise I'm trying

to hold onto my last remaining sanity. I’m trying to hype myself up to go get my injection, I have an appointment to do it tuesday. For some reason they scheduled me to get it after 5 weeks instead of 4, so that’s in part why I’m so bad suddenly, but also that court hearing really tore me to pieces. and I have to have another in sept…


Please call them and tell them you need it ASAP if possible.

Are you over your ex?
Forgive me, but I am not up to speed.

How does your ex have this power to make you fall down so much?

Again I missed some here

I know you feel that your Ap’s aren’t working for you and maybe they aren’t. Or maybe they are only partially working but I really feel that your “signs from God” needs to be addressed. Have you considered asking your doctor for a different Ap? Sometimes it takes multiple tries to get it right.

Long story short she got violent towards me, I filed a protective order, she filed a counter one claiming emotional abuse, I have OCD and hearing all of that made it really bad along with psychosis and depression. Along with the PTSD of course.

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I’ve tried almost every AP…

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I know a lot of people are scared of Clozapine but maybe it’s worth a try if you have tried most everything else. It’s supposed to be for treatment resistant people such as yourself. Worth asking your doctor if its worth a shot.

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Yeah the only ones that have been helpful at all were seroquel and abilify. the rest helped somewhat I guess by keeping the psychosis at bay for like two months at a time. Seroquel was the biggest help but it made me pretty obese and prediabetic so I’d like to avoid that

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I don’t know that legal type stuff. So this means you have to see your ex again?

Have you thought of just walking away coming to an agreement? Again I truly don’t know lawyer things…

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We tried to settle with her but she said no very quickly, I doubt she’ll go for it but we’re going to try again

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have you tried prolixin? it’s an older med that I am on and I love it.

No I havent tried that one I don’t think, I don’t know anymore tbh

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