I probably would not have been a good CIA agent

In 1998 the CIA recruiters tried to make me to join the CIA. They mailed some forms with questions including psych questions. I never returned these forms. This was the year when I started having voices. The time has passed, 24 years is a long time.

These guys are looking around trying to further their interests.

During Vietnam, I was called for induction. My psychiatrist believed in the military. But he had to tell them sadly that they really didn’t want me.

I would have made a horrible spy. People take one look at me and say, “I wonder what he is up to.”

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We are probably all involved with MK Ultra, so I guess we’re all a part of the CIA.

I couldn’t be a spy either. When I want to hide something, I panic.
I lie very badly and I’m not cut out for it.
If I were to go somewhere and go unnoticed, I’m sure everyone would suspect me of something.

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I would make an awesome agent.

Do I look good in shades, or what?



I already feel I am one, and commenting or thinking of it would make it worse.
I cant resist typing it,
If some one questions me or interrogate, My brain would fuse :rofl:
They cant get the information out of me. Because I by myself don’t know who am I.
I would just carry a card saying I am sz :rofl:

That was me, i just reported the hospitals to give my self something to do.

still think your cute if you wanna house!

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