I probably did wrong - a sin of omission

One time the woman I was dating at the time showed me how the cashier at Walmart had charged her for five bottles of pop, when she only got four. She expected me to go running into Walmart shouting, “You ripped off my girlfriend! You ripped off my girlfriend!” That would not have worked. But I should have just made a gesture. I should have gone into Walmart and asked somebody about it. They would have turned me down, but I should have made the gesture. I feel kind of bad about that.

Walmart would have probably just given her the refund/another bottle of soda. They have a pretty lax refund policy. She could have asked herself also.

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She was in the back seat in the van, sitting the farthest away from the door. I guess I should have tried.

In the grand scheme of things, it was the price of one soda, and probably didn’t affect her life too horribly much. I don’t think it’s a sin to not ask for a refund. For one thing, she didn’t directly ask you to do it for her. For another thing, she was fully capable of getting out of the van and doing it herself. You also were probably feeling nonconfrontational and not wanting to cause a fuss.

Yes, I am nonconfrontational. I think the people at Walmart resent us a little, especially the employees. When we go to Walmart our caseworker often locks the van due to hot weather. He’s afraid we’ll get heat stroke in the hot weather. Because of that we’re all sitting on the benches by the exit, looking like skid row bums. Many people don’t like that.

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