I prefer Blacked, there's more consent and it's higher paid

Love is permitted always, sex is also permitted as an exchange if people want to behave that way, but they have to know what they’re doing and the consequences, it’s a one off, images capture the souls of people, they fix them, transfixing them into a motionless blob, unable to shake, to be free, but it’s worth it, for some, the experience of pleasure or pain makes the world go round, it has always been this way, since the lizards brought hieroglyphics to the West and told them to shut up, why, power over others, the turning to stone, to a troll, a living rock, that cannot stand sunlight, yes I prefer Blacked, the language is offensive, but there is love, or at least consent, that much is obvious, and yes, there is money, and some acrobatics, the sex Olympics, an old film, one which will haunt me forever, the destiny of my soul in ruins, and my spirit broken, I am ashamed of my past, Freud doesn’t help, nor junk, the chains of the internet sweep fear and ice over my body, water can set me free, but it never comes, my child, a restless chicken, neither male nor female, not a cock, not a sacrifice, not a religion, what is the meaning of vudun, did they make peace in Brazil or stir the pot into flames, I don’t want to live like this, I am American, free in a reservation, that is all I ask, it must be in me somewhere, the life of the truth, why arm the slaves in the favelas, with AKs and anti-tank guns, they even have surface to air missiles, and the rich are moving in, is that what I want for my country, Watson, leave me, and shut up;

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