I pray for a good day today

I pray for a good day today a peaceful day.


My day is just ending. Unless I skip my zyprexa and stay up. I’m allowed. I don’t want to reverse my days and nights but feel like having a good time.

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I had a productive day. I went out on foot to three stores and got so tired I let go of my thoughts for a moment. I got home and played :guitar: for 30 minutes. Then I read a few books for the rest of the day. It was impossible to read for a long time once upon a time. I lost interest at one point and quit for over ten years. I can read and I’m crazy as a cat!

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i hope you had good day =)
my day was pretty good.
also had second covid vaccine today.

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I’m hoping your day will be a good one.

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I hope you have a good day. I hope everybody has a good day. :smiley:


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