I pissed off the Diablo and je wants me to die

Biggest fear. Come true. He hates me I am screwed. All these dreams were lies and im just a false idiot he hates more than anything and I am afraid for my safety bc he’s an evil ■■■■■■■ and has nothing but hate.
So I’m really really screwed bc his wife is his queen and he beat me for her.
When i dated him he thought I messaged her something cruel so he blew up and said " What the ■■■■ did you say to her"
He beat me worse than a dog. He slammed my head repeatedly into the floor. Until i was almost unconscious. Bc me writing on her fb was the last straw.
So I didn’t get the massage at that time but now I fully understand. When you love someone you’ll do anything for them. Even beat ur ex and then send her to hell. Do I understand?. Yes and im completely over him. I promise never again will i think of him in a loving manner that’s my resolution. And I don’t need him. I’m done with letting people hurt me. Im totally done i dont care who he morphs into. He could turn himself into enreque iglesias himself. Im completely done. I have officially learned that I love Dog and dog is my true love in mind bc while D gave nothing but misery. Dog tests me but is goodness. So thank you for that enlightening.
I know what its like to love and be hated for it.
To be a heavy weight lifted and I love my kienan bc.i know hed never send me to hell just to make his wife happy.

Who’s the Diablo and who je

As people have asked before, @Adelaing, are you on meds.

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This could be true people of Spanish origin I think call them self devils and need shooting.

Topic is triggering people left and right, now @GB720 is on the train.

No such thing as the devil. That’s fictional stuff for Hollywood to play with.

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Did you have an affair with a married man then write on his wife’s facebook and he beat you up?

Is that what’s going on here?

You really need to get to a safe place and consider getting on some medication.

You’re very unstable.


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