I pierced my own ear

It don’t look to bad! Mom’s not happy lol but she hardly ever is


That sounds painful, didn’t it bleed?

@Aziz. It wasn’t to bad. Naw not even a drop

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@Aziz. I took it out… I didn’t get the spot I wanted and just realized it

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Which bit did you pierce?

brave !! I would faint…haha

@spiderpig. The top I was gonna later stretch it to a 16 for an industrial but got to far over

@jukebox it didn’t hurt that bad


Haha nice, I wanna pierce myself but I darent !!!

@spiderpig. I guess it does take guts… I didn’t get it where I wanted it so had to take it out drop of blood then but that’s it… I’ll probably have it profesh done later

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You are really hardcore.

@Vuldarz. Dude I got… 5 tattoos two of I had to do two sessions on and was over in all 3 hours long each
Add on: I had to count tattoos

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Yeah if you want it pierced, go to a professional :slight_smile: I have my helix which is quite high on the ear, it is very temperamental, Doesn’t help that I was determined to sleep on the side I had it done

I pierced my own nose when I was about 21. I had it professionally pierced at 19, but then it closed back up. I bought a pair of earrings that has a sharp point in the backing and used it to pierce my nose. I don’t wear a nose ring anymore though.

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