I pee when I sneeze


I’ve started peeing a little when I sneeze or cough.
Is it something I should mention to my doctor?


I don’t see a reason to not mention it.


The doctor might have medications that help with that. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Happens to all of us sooner or later.


I was on the street today and i wanted to pee…but i couldnt cause there was no hidden place …so i just stood there and peed in my pants…luckily i did not have a bad urge so it was just a drop…i didnt want to pee cause i had to pee…i just enjoy peeing…its fun i think.

It was a great experience…try it…go in a crouded place …if you are a woman…stand there and pee a drop.into your pants on purpose. :slight_smile:


Kegel exercises should help.


I’d bring it up with your doc. It could be harmless but it couldn’t hurt to make sure if you can.


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