I paid $1.94 for gas yesterday

It felt good to fill up my car for $17. But it upsets me that I’m gas is so cheap and there’s no incentive for other people to buy more fuel efficient automobiles.

Personally I want gas to cost $10/gallon. That’ll give people reason to help the environment and buy more reasonable cars.

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I bought the car I could afford and that is known to last a really long time. If reasonable cars are the most reliable and affordable, then I’ll get one of those next. But, I still have to fit my 6’6” (198 cm) husband into the car.

Costs $60 a tank for me but I drive very little. I couldn’t afford a newer car. A tank of gas usually lasts a month or more.

My full tank here in Quebec is 60$. Its a honda 2008 civic so its the most economical and very reliable.

Hybrids are more economical but used hybrids are bad due to limited battery life. New hybrids are too expensive.

I like my gas powered vehicles and cheap gas. It’s about $1.69 a gallon here but I live close to all the major refineries. I wouldn’t want an electrical car and a hybrid still uses fuel and is more expensive to buy and to maintain.

Most of the cars I drive have a V6 so they get decent mileage but I also have two with V8s.

Cheapest where I live is like $2.74/gallon.

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