I owe, I owe, off to work I go

First day back at work today after nearly three weeks off. I’m still titrating back down to my normal dose of Geodon (called Zeldox in Canada) and also coping with the addition of a beta-blocker and an ACE inhibitor for my heart. The med changes have been thieving some of my energy. Made it through morning and afternoon fuel deliveries without dragging too badly, but needed to crash for a couple of hours after work.

Off tomorrow and then working again Thursday and Friday. Hoping my energy level comes up some as I admit that today was a bit more than I bargained for.


I hope everything goes well and that your body adjusts to the new meds quickly.

glad you are feeling better pixel and getting back to things, i guess i would be wanting to do something if i was not doing my normal things for a while,

I’m glad to read you’re out of hospital. Take care.

Keep on truck’in.

Why did u have to now be on beta blockers and Ace-inhibtor?was that from the side effect of geodon?

Best of luck pix!

Good luck with the new meds and getting back to your old dose of Geodon.

It’s due to an unrelated preexisting condition. It’s not med-related.

Are you a photographer, pixel? You are good at computer, if I am not mistaken.

No. My cardiologist said it had nothing to do with Geodon. He also told me that particular Geodon side-effect is something you read about in literature, but never actually see in real life and to not worry about it. I have a heart condition that has learned a few new tricks as I age.

I own a photography studio, but the economy is not doing well in the Canadian province I live in right now. No one wants to pay for an expensive photo shoot. I used to be an enterprise level network administrator, but could not handle the pressure of the job. Being good with computers doesn’t mean you’re good at handling people or workplace politics in a multi-national company. Currently making ends meet by driving a fuel truck.