I ordered some new Cd's!

I ordered a CD by the following bands - Junius, Neurosis, and Metallica.

Have any of you picked up some cool music recently?


Wow, I remember Neurosis. I think i heard them in the early 90’s at a friend’s house. Early punk/industrial/metal crossover?

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I buy music at the online music sites. The price is cheap. Usually 3 US dollars for one month’s membership. With a membership you can download thousands piece of music in the form of flac.


That’s pretty smart @green5. I’m sure that saves you a lot of money while being able to access a lot of music.

@eighteyedspy23 Yes, Neurosis is probably what I would call “drone metal.” Very brooding sound and a lot of tribal type beats. They change their sound a lot though, so it kinda varies from album to album. They’re almost impossible to really label because their sound is so unique.

I ordered “Through Silver in Blood.” Probably one of their absolute best in my opinion.


Beatles and Bruce Springsteen. They will arrive March 6th.


I do digital these days and next few weeks will buy some tracks…probably won’t do albums!

So top of the pops for me is…Charly Bliss. Lovely pop/indie. Courtney Barnett. Fantastic indie/slacker goodness. ( there’s a song with Kurt Vile I’ve shared here I need for my walks around the block!) and some older titles I will chase!

I wish I had some money for vinyl collection but you do what you need to do to get by!


I hear ya @rogueone. Vinyl is pretty ridiculously priced these days. I wanted to order a Tool record, but I think it was around 30 U.S. dollars. :open_mouth: Haha.

It sounds like you’re getting some cool music though. :slight_smile:

@77nick77 Very cool. I love me some Beatles and the Boss. I think I have a couple of Springsteen records. “Nebraska” and “Darkness on the Edge of Town.” Those are some awesome albums!


@Montezuma I use Firefox and download music videos from YouTube in mp4 - 360p format. Google Chrome or any mobile operating system doesn’t allow you to do this. I have never paid for music for over 15+ years.

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That’s really cool! I didn’t even know YouTube allowed you to download music. I like to buy Cd’s and records, mostly to have the hard copy of the album in case my computer crashes.

I also like the cool artwork you get when you buy a CD or record, and supporting small bands. :slight_smile:


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