I only want to be understood

They’re are millions of things on earth happing to one person every day, from waking up in the morning till you go to sleep and beyond.

Milion of things happend to each of us without realizing them. A blink is as important as a breath, as a coffee, as working.

Each of this things taken with others togheter , external or internal like thoughts, create yours and my reality. Isn’t it nice?

Its not, it’s hell, when I say Im sad people think of them being sad and all the other situations when they were sad which only give them the idea that they understand my sadness, or any feeling I have

Thought are even worse then feeling because feelings are primal in nature.

Even reading this gives each person the idea of understanding, but they don’t. You have your own experience, set of values, emotions, feelings at this moment, body functioning, recent events in your mind and every thing you ever lived, thought, felt or senses and a million of things which makes us all different, Isn’t it nice?

Its not, it’s hell, I want others Not to think they understand me but to do it. And because of this, I am truly alone in the most purest form of the word, that’s why I will play life not live it

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Nobody can replace another person. We are all unique.

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We’re all together in being all alone.

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No, no one can really understand you fully. No one will really ever know you. Yes at the end of the day you are alone, just you and your thoughts. But you can have connections. You can bond with people on some level. You don’t have to be completely alone.

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We all will leave this world lonely just as we came into this world lonely.

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That’s really nice but Connections are social conventions, after that they become group /relationship conventions

Are we all robots? Who just use the mind to mask our misery?

Or inflict it on others .

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