I only listen to rebukes from vegans and vegetarians!

if you haven’t figured it out by now. but maybe i am out of line. or maybe it’s more meat eating aggression and you’re hungry for your next meal. i have this new rule, don’t apologize to anybody worse than me. but because forum is anonymous, and i don’t really know any of you other than what you post, i really don’t know who has less sin than me, or who makes me look like a saint.

I don’t rebuke anyone for their dietary choices. My diet is commented on a lot more than a non vegan diet, I just shrug it off. I’m sorry on behalf of d#####y people who might have been rude to you.

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Problem is …vegans and vegetarian like to force their diet on everyone else. They complain a lot but they have to realise not everyone is going to not eat meat.

It’s one of the communities I can’t stand personally. I mean furries don’t force their ideals on everyone. Neither do bronies…they just get on with it.


I went vegetarian for 1 1/2 years, but I got physically and mentally sick, so I quit. There are a few types of nutrition you only really can get from meat and dairy products.

Anyways if you go vegan or vegetarian you almost need to be a expert on nutrition to cover what you don’t get from meat and dairy, and you need to put a lot of effort in to plan your meals, this can be difficult for people.

I also think our bodies have a gentical disposition to have a need for the kind of nutrition you get from meats since that is what our ancestors have eaten in varying degree. It’s hard to turn that around over night.

Also people have different genetics so that it might be easy for some people to go vegan/vegetarian while it is very difficult for others because our bodies react differently to meat and dairy deprivation. If I didn’t get sick from quitting I imagine I would still be vegetarian, but at least I am wary to not eat too much meat.

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I wish everyone was vegan. I guess that’s a bad wish? I don’t even know now if that makes me controlling. I just believe it’s good for health. Even though I can’t be sure.

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