I Once Wrote a Book Entitled "How to Fail"

It didn’t sell any copies.

So I guess I was a roaring success! :smile:


Lmao reminds me of my life

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Your Bio says you had Truman Show Syndrome.

I had it as well…on more than one occasion. While a part of me secretly enjoyed thinking I was a global spectacle, at the end of the day I just wanted my simple life back.

It all worked out. I’m a happy nobody again.


I’ll take ten copies. I need to brush up on my failing skills.

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My book was more successful, “101 Ways to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.” I sold 5 copies to my mailman and he gave it rave reviews. I think I might sell the sixth copy to the garbageman.

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Thank you for the encouraging story.

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How did you break free of your delusion?

I’ve taken a long break from TV, Radio and most other social media. My meds help a bit, but my more minimalist lifestyle is helping me more, I think.

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two books please

Did staying inside help? I usually don’t like going outside.

I’m usually in my car when I go outside. I keep the radio off.

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I hate going outside to smoke. I really need to quit.

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