I often think it's my best friend who gave me schizophrenia or the weed, not sure

Imagine this, friend knocks at your hostel door… you let him in, and he tells you he was hearing this repeating voice that kept telling him to go to me. Then I light a weed joint and we smoke and forget about it.
Only problem, short month later, I also hear a voice, only this voice is telling me to go speak to some buddy of mine… I ignore it.
So the question is, maybe we both heard voice because of the weed we were smoking? or friend got infected with voice virus, came to my house, and infected me, thus me hearing voice like him?
fast forward, I in uncle house and about to talk to uncle when I hear voice repeating in my head like full schizophrenic style saying same word over and over without stopping… while hearing voice, I put on serious face, and shortly after voice stops… I never hear from it again.
Until one day, friend who came to my house with first voice story I ever hear starts telling me he feeling like people always watching him (like the schizophrenia feeling) I tell him, relax, they just looking at car, it cool car… I forget matter
same friend tells me and other friend that he hearing voices, I ignore him and go on minding my business while he talk to other friend…
2 month later I get vision, not voice, vision, in this vision I see woman walk to me, vision stop, I look back and I see same woman who walk to me standing behind me… I freakout and squil shot hi and look away… I go upstairs to use bathroom and I get another vision of me raping woman I see walk to me… vision scare me, make me shake like lwittle leaf… 1 month later I start saying people looking at me - like when friend say people looking at him - then I get schizophrenia and start hearing voice that no stop.

So I ask myself, this friend, maybe he infect me with thing that be making him hear voices, coz me no hear voices or see freaky invisible lady walk in my head before he come talk about voices…:thinking: or we both hear voices coz we both smoke same weed that mess up mind and cause voices? or maybe he infect me with weird voice magic and vision magic?

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No person can give someone schizophrenia. It’s most likely that you both had a generic predisopition and weed can trigger it.

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Coincidence for sure

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It’s the illness… When we are ill we think coincidences are more amazing than they really are. I’m recovering and I don’t find coincidental occurrences that amazing as I used to when I was more ill

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peculiar indeed… but you probably right… just a coincidence… if was possible, I’d probably have lottery win by now

in russia, rat is to rat, like snitch is to snitch in America… maybe that why, you crazy rat guy just coincident snitch :sweat_smile:

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I use to be a popular guy all types of people use to love chilling in my room… but their was this peculiar - he was a real weirdo and too overgrown (was in his 30s) to live at the hostel, but I never use to judge him… came home drunk once, dude tried to tell me his life story… I was drunk so I kept telling him I don’t want to hear his life story… but he wouldn’t stop telling it to me… anyways, I heard enough from him to know he was a classic schizophrenic story.
Anyways, the weird coincidence part was he once came to visit me after I became a schizophrenic, while we were sitting, I started feeling like something was digging into my ears, it was a strong sensation, I ignored it (just had a feeling of not touching my ear over it) but it gets too itchy so I put my finger in my ear to scratch the feeling off… and this friend of my starts clapping his hands all happy and stuff, and before that, I could swear he was staring at my ear… but I knew from history (he was known for always staring weirdly at people all the time) … I forget about it, but I wonder, coincidence or was he looking at the thing that was like digging into my ears…

It’s the worst gift ever. I prefer a scarf and mittons. Does he still have the receipt so he can return it and get his money back?

I never once challenged that friend… not even after that ear thing; I was always silent about it… before I became a schizophrenic, he once came to me (month before schizophrenia started) he found me on my bed and he commented; so the rotting has begun (was really tired then)… second time, he came - before I became schizo- and said, in the future you’ll be very great, but first you must struggle… I ignored it (I wasn’t a fool to listen) third time, he came and told me, ’ you have the power to decide whether a person’s future will be good or bad (as usual, I just called him a weirdo and ignored him)…

hehe… wrong topic… confused this with the other post I made… basically I also had a schizophrenic friend like my best buddy… long story short, my room mate came with him to my room, I thought they were friends but turns out my room mate was just an idiot of brought a stranger he just met to my room… anyways, I wanted to eat some chocolate, so I go to my fridge and get some mars bars and give my room mate and his friend; his friend who was a schizophrenic thought the mars bar chocolate was some type of declaration of love coz he got obsessed with me over it and even told me it was because of the chocolate that he declared me a good man… anyways… confused you post for that friend post

One thing you should not be too concerned with is why it began. Concentrate more on what you should do about it.

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