I obsessed about Putin

When I was psychotic I used to spend hours watching documentaries about Putin

I tried to copy his walk and act like a tough guy

He was like a masculine role model

I admired his toughness and political skills


Vladimir Putin was a former KGB agent who can do a psychological assessment of a person. He has been President of Russia for 18 years and is on target to be President of Russia for 24 years until he is in his 70s.


Yes I admired him greatly

Some people would criticize me for admiring someone who according to the West is contempt for violating human rights

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I too, admire Putin because he and 3 Chinese Presidents being Jiang Zemin (江泽民), Hu Jintao (胡锦涛) and Xi Jinping (习近平) have made China & Russia space partners.

The West have a different perspective of Putin and I respect that since one needs to have enemies in this world we call Earth.

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The book 48 laws of power says that if you don’t have enemies you should make some

If you hire a former enemy he is likely to be more reliable than a friend

The book also says keep you friends close, but keep your enemies closer

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Yes, I agree about keeping your enemies closer than your friends in certain situations.

There even was a psychological experiment illustrated in a psychology textbook where two best of friends were split and become evil enemies afterwards. This situation is similar in how the victors of World War 2 split and became enemies between the Allies and the USSR.

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When I was psychotic I was obsessed with Hitler. I read everything about him and thought that I had Hitler’s soul. I thought about becoming Germany’s president and then my plan was to conquer the world country by country. I had stopped my meds for 2yrs and went to Germany and studied German for 2 weeks before I got too psychotic to be in a class. I had inappropriate emotions like laughing in class for no reason. I dont get that now that I am on meds.

My parents were scared for me and called Canadian federal police to find me in Germany. They then went to Italy and I joined them there. Then I was paranoid in Italy too, thought that my hotel was run my the mafia and they were trying to kill me. I wore a cap in the streets so they dont recognize me.

I have similar feelings for Stalin.
He was so masculine, alpha male.

It’s okay to have role models man don’t be embarrassed

I don’t mind alpha male leaders but I don’t like tyrants.

Winston Churchill fascinates me. This speech he gave in parliament sends shivers down my spine. Imagine being in the 1940’s up against Hitler and hearing this speech, you gotta put yourself in the time period.

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I have reservations about Putin. He has killed a few people, but in a country that was once ruled by Joseph Stalin I don’t think Putin is as bad as many Russian leaders have been. He might get some credit in some places for bringing Russia back from an abject military position vis a vis the U.S. and the West. He lives in a country that has suffered enormously at the hands of foreign powers. We need to understand that about the Russian perspective on the world, but it has been internal violence that has brought Russia down this last time. The Russian mafia ruined the Russian economy.

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Avoid the political commentary peeps and keep on topic please.

Putin has been in power since 1999 after he became Prime Minister. I remember writing on the Internet in the summer of 1999 that Russia needs a strong leader and that Boris Yeltsin should resign. Yeltsin resigned in the end of 1999 and Putin became an acting President. Later in 2000 he won Russia’s presidential election. Putin has been a strong leader and stayed in power nearly 22 years. There will be a next presidential election in Russia in 2024 (also in Finland and in the USA) and my estimate is that Putin will be in power after this election. In 1999 Russia got a strong leader which is good for Russians.

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I sometimes wish Putin was our president…

Why lol? 155555

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haha cause he seems like a good leader =D… I’d like a powerful leader…

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I dont really look up to strongmen but I see why people do. I find Putin interesting, hes smart for sure

He wouldnt have been head of the KGB if he wasnt. He knows how to manipulate people and things to his advantage

Putin is a pest to his own people, to his immediate neighbours - ask any Pole, Romanian or Latvian about how they view his nationalist bombast and treatment of dissidents- and to western democracies. He has demonstrably tried, and to some extent succeeded, to manipulate outcomes of various general elections - the US and Germany among others- supported brexit campaigners - including far right ones- in his bid to weaken the European Union. I’m grateful to Biden for standing up to this expansionist, homophobic bully. I’m shocked anyone would support a political leader, let alone a dictator, because he’s “strong”. I can’t think of a worse argument in politics.

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I prefer compassionate and just leaders personally.

Integrity, strength, courage.

…I’m getting none of that from Vlad.


Interesting words you have. Actually back in the fall of 1999 the US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said positive words about Putin and it was okay that Putin had been a KGB agent. But then years passed and things did not turn out in the way the US and maybe others wanted. And in 2003 the same people who had supported Putin in the West started saying negative words about Putin and his administration. I do not understand much about politics, but Russia’s environment has always been different from democracies we are used to here in the West. Somehow I understand the soul of Russian people and it is my opinion that Russians need a strong leader.