I now have zero irl friends; how bout you?

Thank you @SkinnyMe .:slightly_smiling_face::pray:t4:

Back at ya.

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I have old childhood friends that I reach out to on Facebook once a year wishing them a happy birthday but that’s as far as it goes

I really no longer have friends and I prefer it this way


I wish I had friends

Last time I had a friend was 7 years ago. My socializing is with my sister and her fiancé or with my coworkers. I’ve been leery of making friends, it usually goes good for a short while then turns into disrespect and abuse. I know having a friend of either sex would be fun, I’m just a little gun shy of starting a friendship.

Why do you prefer to not have friends?

I would love to have high guality genuine friends who i enjoy being with and who enjoy being with me and we love and care for each other and treat each other well.

You get people who pretend to be nice unfortunately too.

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I choose not to have friends because I don’t need the extra drama that comes along with these relationships

Plus I’m socially awkward


Friends have always been important to me and I still catch up with people I met in high school now I’m 50.

My problem is that I’ve been weeding out those who have treated me wrong and it’s a revelatory process. Out with the old who treated me bad…Friends are good. Life is so better than done alone but don’t waste time on people who are about themselves or treat you bad…I’m soon to be 54 and just learning that.

Lots of progress this past year but I’ve little patience these days!


i havent had any in almost 10 years. since sz i lost my one friend and am too much of a hermit to try making new ones

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i have two new friends and some old ones who rarely talk to me online. i don’t really trust anyone though, not even myself

except for some odd reason sometimes i trust the voices, then they use that to their advantage and try to torture me, then i remember they can’t be trusted

I guess I have one I would call a friend

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hey lost boy, i like the quote you have next to your name. i can relate to that knowledge. stay positive

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where i currently live, not really. the two friends i technically have, my girlfriend’s best friend and that friend’s fiance, are my friends but in all honest it’s hard for me to be good friends with them too. otherwise i have no one left.

i do still have a small circle, but they’re across the country. so i only see them twice a year, if that.

i used to fear i would slowly lose touch with a lot of my friends, which did in fact happen, but it isn’t bothering me as much anymore.