I noticed recently

that I am getting really weak in the legs. I can’t do some of my regular yoga poses anymore like Temple pose. I can only do that for a few seconds now and not minutes anymore.

I do temple, squats, leg lifts and leg rise/holds and other yoga poses all very regularly but in spite of this, I’m still getting very weak in the legs.

I spend a lot of time either sitting on my butt praying, reading, on my smartphone or desktop, playing piano, or watching TV. And if I’m not sitting, I’m reclining trying to rest off migraines (and that takes a LOT of time).

What do you think guys and girls? What should I do?

My mom’s legs got a little shaky when she got in her 60s.

Just weaker than they were before.

She doesn’t like steep stairs and stuff.

May be part of getting a little older,

May be something you need to bring up with your doctor.

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Butcher’s Broom and Red Vine extract supplements. My mom has the same problem, those supplements give you more leg energy (increases circulation there.)

I think you’re right @anon54386108, it’s just a normal part of getting older. Especially when you are sedentary like I am. I am 61.

I think what I need to do, to counteract it, is to add a walking routine to my yoga regimen. That will not only increase my endurance, but it should strengthen my legs as well.

I think I will walk 30 minutes a day, 4 times a week, at my usual brisk pace. Starting today.

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There I just took a brisk, 25 minute walk outside in the cold air. I would have walked 5 minutes longer but my ears were freezing off.


That’s a great plan. Taking a few walks a week will probably make a positive difference.

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