I never woke mom up on sundays when i was a kid!

about 2 or 3 times a year on sunday mom would sleep in and we wouldn’t go to church, it was like winning the lottery, i was always up before her, but never woke her up in the hopes that i would get out of church that day haha.


not only did i have to go to church, in the summer when school was out they sent me to bible school for 2 weeks each summer when i was little. then we would have to sing church songs after it was over to entertain the adults that we had practiced at bible school.

I was up before mum as well - but i sang in a choir - so ended doing 3 services every sunday. When i was at the Catherdral - i would be up at 6 - putting all the sheet music out for the practice before the service. Good times - shame i get the religous delusions now lol.

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When my mom forgot I had piano lessons I never, ever reminded her.


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