I never volunteered for this life

It was thrust upon me. I came out of the womb and it’s been downhill ever since.


I’m sure you had good times so far.
I often consider this as well, but the truth is we’re alive and our bodies work almost perfectly (except for the sz, we’re special…) and we had good moments and still do. We just have to know how to find them.


Stay optimistic, 77nick77. You will be back to normal soon. What you need to be careful with is your paronoia so that you can have a good relationship with your future neighbors.

I am rooting for you.


Hang in there. Things will get better.

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I know things are going through a rough patch now… but you’ll get back to where you were.

You’ve beaten and lived through a lot of amazing / scary situations…

You’ll get through this as well.

I’m also rooting for you…


you beat all the other sperm to the egg.
You didn’t just volunteer.


lmao!.. I can’t help but laugh at this. I know your probably sincere about it. I didn’t volunteer for it either but its god design and its there for a reason and a lesson. Don’t give up! When in doubt laugh.

Have a good one!


One of my favorite things to say is “I didn’t sign up for this!” But it’s how we play the hand we are dealt, what we are given in not to be responsible or guilty about.

I’m a hypocrite about the guilt thing, you can observe that in my masochistic endeavors. It’s complicated and not just schizophrenia.

But I can say that I accept things and make the best of what I have going for me.

Well, I like to say that you would have to be truly insane to volunteer to be schizophrenic. No one signs up for this.

Hey man, you are what, 25 years clean and sober? You’re tough, you’re just feeling down. Respect your own determination, give it recognition for what it has done for you. Also, don’t let go of how far you have come. It’s mind blowing. Exercise that resolve you obviously have, it’s won battles which many people lose.


Life is what we make it.? I have been depressed about life but today is day one all over again stopping smoking and I am convinced that life WILL get better now. I love you @77nick77