I never heard of anyone dying of tonsilitis

Yet doctors still take them out (major surgery) without concern. I was never the same after my tonsillectomy. And I was so angry, it changed my trust in our “family” doctor.


I have tonsils and havent had a surgery yet. Tonsils can be really problematic with frequent infections that causes fever wnd chills thus making life problematic, like being sick every few weeks and being painfuland problematic to dribk fluids or to eat anything. I had tonsil iflammations younger and its not fun


I remember tonsillitis and it was painful. But I’d rather have that than a tonsillectomy. I was the last in the family to have my tonsils out. All 5 of us had tonsillectomies We were strange.

still have my tonsils and im going strong!

i remember all the talk of possibly having them out. they told me thered be lots of popsicles and ice cream.

The ENT dr told me I was 24 hours away from dying when I went to the ER for a raging tonsillitis infection. It was completely out of control. It did such a number on me it took a whole year to get well again. I had them removed when my body could handle it.

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I had infections, but it was way far extreme to have them out…
I had bad reaction from anaesthesia and I became psychotic…
I was ten…

Took me years to forget halotane mask they put on my face…