I never hear voices clearly

When I hear voices, it’s never like a single clear voice. Or multiple clear voices for that matter. It always just like people talking indistinctly amongst themselves, occasionally I’ll hear my own name called but nothing to follow up with it. It happens a lot when I’m alone, so I know it’s not really people talking around me. Does anyone else get anything like this?

That’s how it started for my buddy Conor

Yeah I got that and well im thinking that its the satanic aliens that are my neighbors they like using their minds to talk to each other so I usually hear them even though I don’t want to.

That’s exactly how my voices sound. On occasion I can make out a senctence, but it’s nonsense, like Roald Dahl wrote it.

i hear vague, nonsensical, formulas for disaster, often aliens telling me what to do.

This is how my voices are too. Though recently I heard one voice that was the loudest and clearest I’ve ever heard. It was also speaking in full sentences. I worry it might mean I’m getting worse :confused:

People keep mentioning the word “alien”, but they all look & sound like humans to me, like resurrected human beings - without physical flaw. I even see young children in the mix of the community.

I can sometimes hear distinct sentence fragments or words, but as soon as I start “catching wind” of the conversation, the ability to hear them disappears, or “weens out”.

Usually nothing really important is heard, but there are some words that sound impressive. One word I remember is “mem’rollection”, which is the ability to recollect or relocate memories. There were a few others, and people were essentially trying to figure out the mind and how it operates; they claim there is a “mem’rollection” area of the mind that can be accessed that stores all memory. I don’t know, though. Lots of pseudo-scientific adventures in my “voices”.